Recycled Asphalt—Top Benefits For Projects

If you have a project that requires asphalt, you have a lot of varieties to choose from. One, in particular, you might consider is recycled asphalt, which can benefit you and your operations in a couple of instrumental ways.

Many Aggregate Mixes Are Possible

One of the best things about recycled asphalt is there are so many different aggregates that can be put in it to give it unique properties. Some of these options include sand, stone, gravel, and glass.

You can experiment with different aggregate solutions until you find a recycled asphalt mix that works great for particular projects you complete all the time. You also can get aggregate recommendations from suppliers who've worked with recycled asphalt for a long time. Either way, having a lot of options lets you get many uses out of recycled asphalt.  

Cost-Effective Option

When you start to compare the costs of recycled asphalt to asphalt that's brand new, you'll see a major difference. The former option is much cheaper and is the reason why a lot of companies prefer this type of asphalt over other options.

Even if you need to purchase a large batch of recycled asphalt for a project, you can save a lot of money thanks to this material's cost-effective nature. All you need to do is find a supplier that's known for their fair rates. Then you can maximize this asphalt's strategic price point when projects that warrant these materials come up.

Durable Attributes 

Just because you decide to go with recycled asphalt that has been used before doesn't mean you won't get superior quality. Quite the opposite in fact. There are a lot of companies that prefer recycled asphalt even because it's known to have durable qualities. You'll need them for projects like driveway resurfacing and parking lot repairs.

You just want to carefully look over the aggregate mixes to see what particular batch can give you the right amount of durability that you're looking for. Once you figure this out, you can purchase recycled asphalt with confidence and then ensure it holds up for a long time.

If you plan to complete a project that requires asphalt, such as driveway or parking lot restoration, you might check out recycled asphalt. A lot of companies offer it because of the bevy of benefits it comes with. If you shop wisely, you can maximize these benefits each time an asphalt-related project surfaces. 

Contact a local asphalt service to learn more about different types of asphalt, including recycled 3/4" asphalt.